Printer passbook ibm

IBM 9068 provides improved price/performance.
Utilizes a 24-wire dot impact print head
Prints on a variety of print media which are commonly used in financial institutions
Model Highlights 9068-A03
Lower price
Faster print performance (105 more characters per second)
Smaller size and lighter weight
Long-life ink cartridge
New Universal Serial Bus port gives more freedom in the way the printer can be attached to a PC
Faster, quieter, smaller, and lighter
Provides easy-to-use interface
Sophisticated paper handling
Application compatible with IBM financal printers and more .
Horizontal Fold : 102mm-241mm (W) X 99mm-210mm (L) max 1.8mm thick
Vertical Fold :127mm-241mm (W) X 99mm-210mm (L) max 1.8mm thick
66mm-241mm (W) X 69mm-711mm (L) max 6 ply
3mm to 238mm from left paper edge
330cps (fast draft 48dpi) 260cps (standard 60dpi) 130cps (quality 120dpi)
IBM DOS 5.0 or later, IBM OS/2® 2.0 or later, Windows NT® 3.51 and 4.0,
Windows® 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000

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