PRINTER BUKU TABUNGAN RP. 5.500.000,- PLQ-20 Specifications General Print method 24 pin, impact dot matrix Print direction Bi-direction with logic seeking Columns 94 (10cpi) Print Speed PR2 Emulation High Speed Draft 480/432cps at 10/12cpi; Draft (CPS) 360/360cps at 10/12cpi; NLQ (CPS) 180/180cps at 10/12cpi; LQ (CPS) 120/144 cps at 10/12cpi ESC/P and High Speed Draft 480/576cps at 10/12cpi; PPDS emulations Draft (CPS) 360/432cps at 10/12cpi; LQ (CPS) 120/144cps at 10/12cpi Input Buffer 64 Kb Noise Level 53 dB(A) Reliability MTBF 10,000 (POH) Print head life 400 million char. at 14 dots/char. Interface Bi-directional parallel interface (IEEE 1284 nibble mode supported), Serial, USB (2.0 compatible) Copy capability 1 + 6 copies Paper handling functions Automatic platen gap adjustment, automatic sheet alignment, automatic border recognition Bar code printing PR2: EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, Code 39, Coda bar (NW-7),Industrial 2 of 5, UPC-E ESC/P: EAN-13, EAN-8, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 128, POSTNET Paper Feeding Feeding Format Friction feed (front manual) Paper Path Manual Insertion; Front in, Front out / Front in, Rear out Rated frequency range 50 to 60 Hz (49.5 to 60.5 Hz) Power consumption Approx. 60W, Approx. 8W in sleep mode, 0W in powered off mode, Energy Star Compliant Dimensions 384mm x 280mm x 203mm (W x D x H) {15.11” x 11” x 8”} Weight 7.7 Kg (17lbs) Paper handling Cut Sheet (Single Sheet) W x L = 65 x 67mm to 245 x 297mm; Thickness: Min. 0.065mm, max. 0.19mm Weight: Min. 52 g/m 2 , max. 157 g/m 2 Cut Sheet (Multi Part) W x L = 65 x 67mm to 245 x 297mm; Copies: 1 original + 6 copies; Total Thickness: Min. 0.12mm, max. 0.53mm; Weight (one sheet of multipart): Min. 34 g/m 2 , max. 50 g/m 2 Passbook Width Min. 110mm, max. 241.3mm; Length: Horiz. seam: Min. 127mm, max. 220mm, Vert. seam: Min. 85 mm, max. 220 mm; Total Thickness: Max. 2.6mm (open passbook) Weight: Min. 95 g/m 2 , max. 116 g/m 2 Ribbon cartridge Type: Fabric; Color: Black Ribbon life 5 million characters (LQ 10cpi, 48 dots/character), 10 million characters (Draft 10cpi, 24 dots/character) Rated voltage range AC 100-120 V Warranty Standard: 1 year repair or replace; Optional extension to 3 years.

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